Is this "real" Baker?
Yes, these are authentic Baker Floor Samples. Most are on a floor in a Baker Store or Showroom.

Why do you have so many Floor Samples?
Baker has over 25 locations and more than 500,000 square feet of display space. When we change the look of those presentations, and that can be frequent, we have Floor Samples for sale.

Are any of these items "seconds"?
All of these items are first quality and have been in service as a Floor Sample. Floor Samples do, however, differ in condition. Our policy is full disclosure, and we do our best to highlight and photograph the issues for each item.

Are Fabric and Accessories available from Baker Odds & Ends?
Bolts and cut yardage are not offered at this time. Nor are Accessories.


How does this work?
Please click on "How to Buy".

Can I Buy Online?
You can shop online, but you buy (or just ask questions) through the contact phone number or your local Baker Store or Showroom.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we do.

Will you take a cashier's or personal check?
We will take a check from anyone with an established account with us. Please inquire with the location.


How do Baker Odds & Ends prices compare with those in a Store or Showroom?
They are the same. Baker Odds & Ends is just a way of making those items and those prices more visible.

Will Baker Odds & Ends have any further markdowns?
The Stores and Showrooms have a markdown process. Baker Odds & Ends follows that process.

If I am out-of-state, does Baker collect Sales Tax?
That depends on both where you live and how the product is delivered. Baker is obligated to collect Sales Tax for the states in which it is registered, and there might be instances where delivery by the Baker fleet would require us to collect Sales Tax. If you have questions, please contact us. Professional interior designers, who are registered with us, might be tax exempt.

Are there any further discounts?
All of these items are already priced for clearance. There are no further discounts for volume, cash, and so forth. Professional interior designers, who are registered with us, might be eligible for a trade courtesy.

Why do you charge a "handling fee"?
The prices shown here reflect a cash-and-carry situation. Freight and Delivery involves packing and handling.

Why might a price change from one day to the next?
Baker reserves the right to correct any error at any time. We might also have a Special!


Can I place an item on "hold" for a short period of time?
We do not allow "holds".

Can I take an item "on approval" if I am willing to pay for transportation?
Baker Odds & Ends does not allow "on approval" transactions.

Can I see the item in person?
This will almost always be possible, and we encourage it. We are happy to provide you with the location of any given item.

Can I get more photography?
In general, we believe the photography provided is enough to make a decision. If that is not the case, please call either your local Sales Associate or the contact number on the Product Detail page.

What happens once I express an interest, make an inquiry, and am waiting for an answer?
This is a first come first serve environment. An inquiry does not create a "hold", a "reservation", or anything of that nature.

How do I know whether there are companion pieces available?
In almost every case, they will show up in your current—or a related—search. Baker Odds & Ends is intended to be a comprehensive listing.

Can I get on a "wish list" for something if it ever becomes available as Floor Sample?
No. We do not offer that service.

Do you provide fabric or finish samples?
No. Baker Odds & Ends includes photography of the actual item. Fabric and finish samples are just that, samples, tending to vary somewhat by dye lot, etc. Samples are available in our Stores and Showrooms.

Can you help me get more information on older items not currently on the Baker website?
To the extent we can help, we are happy to do so. We would prefer to get these inquiries by email.


Can I discuss the item or process with someone over the phone or by email?
Yes, there is a contact number on Product Detail pages. That person can either answer, or find the answer, to your question. An email address is also provided.

Can you help me with decorating advice?
Baker Odds & Ends does not provide decorating advice. We encourage customers to seek out a professional interior designer, whether independent or working through a Store location.


What is your policy with regard to Returns and Exchanges?
Everything available through Baker Odds & Ends is a Clearance item sold on an as-is basis. As a result, we do not offer a return provision, exchanges or replacements. In those rare instances where we have misrepresented an item, Baker will refund the purchase price and related transportation for the item in question.

What If I change my mind, the item doesn't match something else, or it simply won't fit?
Everything available through Baker Odds & Ends is a Clearance item sold on an as-is basis. We do not accept returns. Every item will be shown with its routine measurements. If you need further information, please request it. We are also happy to answer any advance questions from your delivery service.

Once payment has been made, what happens if a clerical error or damage makes my item unavailable?
Baker reserves the right to refund a customer at any time for any reason. Exchanges and replacements are not possible.


How can I check on the status of my order?
The best way to check status is to call your Sales Associate.

Will Baker consolidate several items, from several locations, into a single shipment?
While we understand the convenience of a single local delivery, Baker itself does not offer this service. It is possible that your local delivery service might do so. We would be happy to provide you with contact information.

Will Baker store my items for a period of time prior to shipping?
Baker itself does not offer this service. It is possible that your local delivery service might do so. We would be happy to provide you with contact information.

Can I pick up my item at its Store, Showroom, or Dealer location?
This will be possible in some but not all locations. We will provide you with an area contact, and you will need to obtain advance approval.

How will my purchase be packed?
The Baker fleet will ordinarily blanket wrap— like a moving company. Certain items cannot, however, be handled in this way, and there might be additional packing and/or crating charges. Those same charges might also apply to a common carrier.

Will Baker ship internationally or facilitate an international shipment?
We will not be directly involved in logistics of this nature. We will, however, ship to a freight specialist doing the work for you.

Are shipments "date certain"?
Shipping schedules are approximate. With that said, the variation in those schedules is significantly less than placing a special order.


How can I get professional touchup, refinishing, or reupholstery?
Baker itself does not offer this service. All transactions are as-is. We are, however, aware of high quality unaffiliated repair professionals in most markets. Without issuing a formal recommendation, we would be happy to share that information with you.

How do I get replacement hardware or parts?
Depending on the age of the item, replacement parts might be available through Baker Odds & Ends. In some cases, you will need to contact a repair professional.

Are Baker fabrics protected and, if not, do you offer fabric protection?
Because most customers prefer to choose fabric protection locally, Baker fabrics are not chemically protected. This service is widely available through independent specialists and furniture stores.