Baker Odds & Ends offers an efficient way to find and purchase something special. The ordering process is easy, and it can be as simple as a single phone call.

1. Start With Our Search Tools
The best way to find items is by Category, Collection, or Number.

2. Just Give Us a Call
If you are an established customer at one of our locations, just call your Sales Associate. If you are a consumer, or an interior designer new to Baker, you simply call the contact number on the Product Detail pagethe one with multiple photos. Please keep your screen open to help with questions. Some people prefer to print the relevant pages in advance. You will need numbers for each item.

3. Where To Go For More Information
If you need specific information on the actual item available, please call the phone number on the Product Detail page.

4. Getting a Quote
We will provide a verbal quote, including any transportation and applicable taxes. Depending on the logistics, we may or may not be able to give you a complete quote at that moment. Even involved quotes will, however, rarely take more than 24 hours. Followed by an email.

5. Making Payment
If you agree to the quote, we can immediately process your credit card. Due to high interest in the clearance items, we regret that we are unable to put items "On Hold".

6. Documentation
Once payment has been made, we will issue an invoice/receipt. Prior to shipment, you will need to return a signed copy of both the invoice and the credit card receipt to us. Transportation cannot be scheduled until these documents are returned to us.

7. Transportation
Once those signatures have been received, transportation will be scheduled. Then, the merchandise ships.

8. Get Ready to Celebrate!
Our experience has been that Baker looks better in your home than it does in a showroom setting. This goes back to Mr. Baker and his belief in "Things chosen well rather than often."