Having operated Showrooms and Stores for generations, Baker has a great deal of experience with Clearance products and what it takes to please the people who buy themin part because so many of our own people have purchased Baker that way! So, we tried to think of the most valuable advice we could possibly offer, and that became this section. Because, there is a difference between shopping and shopping successfully.

1. Look at the Tabs for New Additions, Great Finds, and Baker Bargains
This is the kind of site with an enormous amount of product, but also a place where you probably want to check-in once a week. The tabs for New Additions, Great Finds, and Final Markdowns allow you to get the highlights almost instantly.

2. Don't Narrow Your Search Too Much Too Soon
This one depends on your shopping style, but most people like our site because of the remarkable amount of product on display. Our experience has been that a simple filter, usually by Collection or Product Category, allows the shopper to enjoy wading through a lot of potentially good solutions.

3. Use a Secondary Filter Once You Know You're In the Right Place
Some Product Categories, like Dining Chairs, have so many items that even the most patient shopper might want to use a second Filter. An example would be clicking on the Thomas Pheasant Collection and then the Dining Chair Product Category. For most people, that will be more than enough filtering capability. The system will, however, handle more complex sorts in the same general way.

4. The Best Option Might Be Hiding in Another Product Class or Collection
Some items have many potential uses. For the purposes of establishing a Product Category, however, we have decided on the most obvious, single category for each product. As an example, the Barbara Barry 3428 Diamond Chest is listed as a Chest but could also be a Bar, a Cabinet, or Media.

5. Don't forget the Old Saying About Location, Location, Location
Shipping is a necessary evil, and it can be expensive. If you are fortunate enough to find something locally, you are much better off. When it makes sense, you can often pick up the item.

6. Go Look at the Item Face to Face If it's in Your Area
This is the other advantage to finding an item in your general area. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but some things are not easy to photograph. Regardless of what you might have been told years ago, all of our locations welcome the public. If you can go see it, or sit on it, do that. These are floor samples.

7. Pick Up the Phone and Ask Questions
We have tried to provide accurate, pertinent information and photography. That doesn't mean the listing is sufficient for every item and every customer. Each Product Detail page has contact information. We would be delighted to help you.

8. Don't Get Hung Up on The Price
This is a big, well intended, tip from people who own quite a bit of Baker. The best and happiest result almost always comes from the item you like the bestrather than a less expensive floor sample that might have more wear, more conventional wood, or a less desirable fabric. Most Baker items are hard at work more than a generation laterand often a lot longer than that! Every item on this site is an excellent value; many are better than that, and a few are simply unbelievable. Those who wait, or trade down, are sometimes disappointed.

9. Do Your Homework
You have to be absolutely sure the item fits—in your elevator, through your doors, in your room, and with your color scheme! We cant do any of that for you, and we will not accept a return for any of those reasons. If there is any possibility you need a floor plan, you absolutely need a floor plan! We understand that some downtown delivery situations are very difficult. We might be able to refer you to an expert.

10. Don't Expect Things to Be Better Than Described
Our locations have worked hard to make their photos and descriptions as accurate as possible. Because the site has limited capacity for this information, we have also included a general assessment of each items condition. Collectively, this data should give you a good sense for what you're buying. We think every item has been judged fairly. There is no reason to expect the item to be better than described.

11. Don't Get Worked Up Over a Couple Little Defects
This is where we all have to know ourselves. Most people are surprised to learn how much a local technician can do to correct small defects, and they are usually just as surprised by how affordable that process can be. If you are one of those people, a floor sample can be a great way to blow your mind rather than your budget. On the other hand, some of us are perfectionists who lose sleep worrying about a scratch. We do a lot of work for those customers, but we highly recommend that they place a special order through a Baker Store, Showroom, or Authorized Dealer.

12. Matching the Wood or Finish on an Item Already in Your Home
This is more difficult than you might think, and we advise plenty of caution. You definitely need help from our people. While they probably can't take a look at your item, they can tell you whether the item for sale has the normal figure in the wood or the color that we usually see. Being normal increases the likelihood that things will match, but figure and color are also reasons that a Floor Sample might be designated for replacement in the first place.

13. What You See Is What You Get Is a Great Policy
It takes courage, patience, and trust to place a special order. That's business as usual at Baker, and we've done our best to make people happy for 120 years. Still, there is no substitute for knowing every feature and foible before you make a decision. Great design, materials, and craftsmanship can make for greater than expected variation.

14. Don't Be Disappointed If You Don't Find the Right Thing Today
This site will be updated literally every week, and thousands of new floor samples become available every year. With a few exceptions, the fact that you couldnt find the right thing this week or this month really doesn't mean a little patience won't be rewarded. Obviously, the more specific your item, the more patient you might have to be!

15. Don't Hesitate When You Find the Right Thing
This is the most important of our tips. If you find the right thing, and you know it's right, just call us. The loudest and most common complaint from our Outlet customers has always been that we sold an item without letting them know. That's usually impossible—and everyone shopping on this site should understand they are potentially competing with other customers. If you have made a decision, give us a call!