The purchase of Floor Samples is fairly straightforward. Baker Odds & Ends has three key policies. We encourage every customer to take a moment to understand them. Other routine issues are addressed on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


The goods available through this site are Floor Samples, and they can have defects. Every effort has been made to describe those imperfections. As a result, all Sales are final. There is no warranty, and the company does not accept returns. Replacements and exchanges are not allowed.

In the event an item has been inadvertently misrepresented, in a way the seller deems material, the seller will issue a refund. The company also reserves the right to issue a refund in the event an item, for whatever reason, becomes unavailable.


All Freight and Delivery costs are the responsibility of the buyer. In those cases where Baker is arranging the transportation, usually through the Baker fleet, the cost of transportation will be separately identified on your invoice.

Baker Odds & Ends will neither ship nor arrange for shipping to points outside the Continental United States. The buyer may, however, arrange delivery to his own freight company.

In some situations, a customer can pick up an item directly from its location. Design center rules do, however, differ and Baker requires that approval for a pick-up MUST be obtained in advance. Handling charges might apply.

If you prefer a common carrier, Baker can assist with that process. Please understand that special packing, cartons, or crates might be required. All of those costs would be the responsibility of the buyer.

Neither "storage" nor multi-item "consolidation" is available. There are no exceptions.


In general, Sales Tax depends on the State—and sometimes County—to which the goods are delivered. Baker is obligated to collect Sales Tax wherever it has a legal nexus. As a multi-location business, the company is usually required to collect the applicable tax. Interior designers who are registered with us, and have provided all of the required credentials, might be tax-exempt. Any questions must be resolved prior to making a purchase.